We are total body conditioning salon.

Cool Body is Japanese massage shop, but we can help you more then normal massage shop.

Reliable quality

Japanese physio therapist produces this shop. Owner was physio therapist in Japan. He got Master degree of physio therapy in Japan and IASTM tretment provider as well. And he and his wife got DUX award of massage school when they became Remedial therapist.

We practice a lot each other. We have wide range of menus.

We provide

Dry Massage

Oil Massage


Hot stone Massage

Face Massage

Dry needling

Special treatment for low back pain.

Custom made insole

Japanese Hospitality

Our service will start from when you open shop door. Every service includes foot spa and Japanese green tea at the end of treatment.

Special Blend Oil

Our base oil is Golden Jojoba oil. We prepare new oil for clients every morning without heat or chemical additives.

We have three types original blend oil 

Healing Blend

It helps to relive stiffness and tension, and restores both physical and emotional balance 

It includes 

Eucalyptus : muscular aches, bronchitis sinusitis

Lemon myrtle : arthritis rheumatic cellulite 

Tea tree, : althlete’s foot, blisters, rashes

Peppermint : muscular aches, pains, sore feet headache 

Lavender : sunburn, bruises, insect bites, stress 

Relaxation Blend

It helps premium-blended oil helps to calm the mind rejuvenate the spirut and warm the heart.

It includes

Ylang Ylang : nervous tension, stress anxiety and insomnia

Bergamot : bolis eczema anxiety, nervous, tension, stress and cold sores

Rosewood : Painful menstrual periods muscular pain.

Superfine H2Oil

It is Water dispersible massage oil

Washes out of towels

And light penetrating with excellent glide

It is non staining, fast absorbing, absolute with absolute clarity and long term stability.

It can do healing treatment when muscles become knotted and tense or damaged.