Dry needling helps release the knot and relieve any muscle pain or spasms.  

We remain needles on your skin for a short period of time. We put the needles in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. The treatment design to ease muscular pain.

We do dry needling and massage in the time which you order.

30min —– $50

45min —– $65

60min —– $85

Owner was physio therapist in Japan. He mixed physio knowledge with Remedial Massage.

This treatment is not relaxation massage. He focuses on your low back pain. He has confidence to treat low back pain. If you have severe low back pain. You should come to our shop.

60min —– $100

90min —– $125

Owner Masa manage personal body conditioning salon (Next Eight PTY LTD)

Owner Masa produces 100% custom made insole for each individual person in this salon.

Physio therapist make insole ,because there is not podiatrist in Japan.

So our insoles have unique point which there is not in Australia.

Our insole focus on making client move.

The reason why we use insole is supporting arch of our foot.

Why arches of foot are important, because when human is walking, we always controle

center of gravity for taking balance by these arches.

These are example. If your foot are High arch, your center of gravity is going through inside, on the other hand if your foot have Hallux Valgus, your center of gravity is going through wrong way.

If your center of gravity is not going to correct way, it will be stress which break your body such as Knee pain or shoulder stifness.

Foot arches has important role not as only  shock absorber but also to move forward our body efficiently.

And it can reduce mechanical stress to your each Joint and prevent injury.

Difference from other insole

Normal insole focus on standing position. In the process of making insole, taking foot shap of their clients, then they make insole.

We will check specially your motion such as single leg standing, walking style and running form.

We are always moving. So insoles have to make us move more easily.

If you use insole for just focus on standing position, it make you difficult to start move.

it is not natural.

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