Why does our body hurt ?

Our body are always affected by gravity. And our head which is very heavy in our body locates top of our body like above picture.

If we want to keep good posture, we have to keep good head position. Otherwise, we have to put strength on muscle to keep our head. For example forehead position or kyphosis posture use back muscle too much.

If you continue to keep bad posture, brain thinks it is normal for your body. And having bad posture became your habit. And it becomes difficult to fix it. Because, brain does not think it is bad.

Why we can not keep our head on good position.

The reason is

We do not need take balance in our life and

We do not move enough for keeping muscle.

As you know, now a days, everyone use phone and computer all day with bad posture.

This life style make your body tight.

And for long time ago, we lived in forest. We had to move all day to alive. We had to move to get food. Some time we had to climb tree.

Our body were made for this life style.

it means no moving make abnormal functioning.

In this life style, we train balance ability which we use all body muscle.

But now we walk on flat road, ride elevator or escalator or car. We do not need take balance in our life.

Then human always choose easy way which we do not need to spend our nonergy.

These are bad posture and bad walking style.

Our insole make you move.

Where your center of gravity on your soles determines your body balance.

When human is walking, we always move center of gravity . If it is correct way, we always use all body muscle effectively.

And foot arch is very important to walk not as only  shock absorber but also to move forward our body efficiently.

And it can reduce mechanical stress to our each Joint and prevent injury.

But if you have foot deformity, you can not control your center of gravity on your bottom of foot.

How the movement of center of gravity affect your position. Which is your style?


If a line indicating the center of gravity movement is passing through the outside of foot, normally our body move from side to side and this walking style  is hard to move a body forward. Then Human tend to pushed forward a neck or a head as driving force. The strategy make their posture worse.

Also, If line indicating the center of gravity movement is passing through the outside, the foot are always hard as a structurally. In this case ankle can not work as a shock absorber, the stress go to other joint.

And normally when human walk, we push our body by our thumb at end of step. Because It is efficient. But if a line indicating the center of gravity movement is passing through the outside, we can not push our body properly, so we try twist other joint to make force. This strategy also make our body worse.


If a line indicating the center of gravity movement is passing through the inside of foot , arch can not keep enough height.In the case, the foot becomes soft. If the foot is too soft, it can be cause of make your walking up and down because their  foot  sink.

And a center of gravity suddenly moves forward, so people have to push back their body to the rear side to take balance. This motion make their posture kyphosis at their upper back.In this case normally tends to be flat feet, and human round  toes to raise the rigidity of the foot and 

Because Inside Foot are not enough strong  to support human weight as fundation, the stress go to  knee joint and the hip joint.

How to make insole